Tuesday, May 21, 2013


(Effect analysis essay)
Did you know that night time temperatures in Turkey have been increasing since the 60’s? Were you aware that the fight against forest fires now starts in May rather than June?  There has been a steady increase in the number and variety of insects that are carriers of fatal diseases; did you know this? For your information, the effects of climate change are being witnessed in well water, which is now saltier, and in some lakes in Anatolia, which have dried up. Were you aware this was happening? There is more drought, but there are also more floods. What is more, certain tropical fishes and other sea creatures have been passing through the Suez Canal and entering are coastal waters where they have been taking up residence and threatening local species. These are the effects of climate change that we are already witnessing in our country but what is in store for us in the future? Read up on the possible effects of climate change in Turkey, make notes for yourself and bring them to class on a day specified by your teacher. Your teacher will give you some general points which you will only be able to expand if you have done the relevant reading.

1.     Migration due to climate change
2.     A change to the tourism season
3.     A marked increase in tropical diseases
4.     A serious drop in the amount of water per person ( a quarter of the present figure)
5.     Problems in food safety
6.     Much less snow and much more heavy rain
In your conclusion, suggest ways to avoid this situation or have a restatement

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