Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In order to do this writing task, you will need to procure a laptop.  After an initial discussion on the causes of domestic violence – during which you should note down, on the board, the points the students make – access the following news feed in the “Watch and Listen” section of the BBC website (bbc.co.uk/news): “Patriarchal Serbia Faces up to Domestic Violence”. Alternatively, search for the feed by name. When you have located it, have the students listen twice and make notes on the causes and solutions suggested.
The causes they will hear are as follows:
 Part of tradition
A patriarchal society
Tolerance for violence
A violent past
A culture of violence
A combination of nationalism, aggression and traditions leading to violence
 Legislation that is not enforced
The solutions they will hear are as follows:
In the long term: deep social change needed so there is zero tolerance for domestic violence
In the short term: laws that are actually enforced and shelters or safe houses
When they have made a note of these points, ask them whether these points apply to Turkey and whether there is anything else they would like to add. They may suggest ignorance as a reason but you can put them right. Domestic violence is prevalent in developed countries as well. Last of all have them write a cause analysis essay. They can put the solutions in the conclusion like the news feed does.

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