Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Hoarding is considered by many experts to be a problem that needs to be addressed. A one-on-one with a therapist helps to uncover a whole can of worms the symptom of which is the inability to throw anything away. The packrat syndrome isn’t limited to the physical world however; there are digital packrats as well. You may or may not be aware that you are swamped by digital clutter. However, this task is meant to enlighten you and help you take the bull by the horns. Do you research, take notes and write an essay on the problem of digital clutter and how to deal with it. You will need to discuss causes, effects and solutions.
Refer to my second blog, The Essay Archive, for sample essays:
Familiarize yourself with the issue
·         Digital declutter with me
Reading material to make notes on
·         My precious data: digital clutter and its dangers
·         Simple steps to tame dital overload  
·         Digital minimalism: how to simplify your online life
·         Is digital clutter killing productivity?
Videos to take notes from
·         Clearing digital clutter as an integration practice

Thursday, January 3, 2019