Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Fracking is a highly controversial new way of squeezing every last drop of oil and natural gas out of our planet but is it the right way to address our soaring energy needs or not? Do your research to find out what exactly the process involves and then write an essay where you lay out the pros and cons.

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Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         What is fracking?
·         Fracking explained: opportunity or danger
Reading material to make notes on:
·         Pros and cons of fracking
·         Pros and cons of fracking: 5 key issues
Videos to watch and take notes from:
·         Both sides of fracking
·         Stuff they don’t want you to know: fracking

·         Fracking 101: the good and the bad

Monday, July 10, 2017


Acting prosocially is said to benefit society and the individual  but what exactly is prosocial behavior and what specifically are the advantages? Do your research and find out. When you are ready, write an essay on the topic.
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Familiarize yourself with the issue
·         Ethics defined: prosocial behavior
Reading material to make notes on
·         Small acts of kindness at work benefit the giver, the receiver and the whole organization
·         Prosocial behavior
·         Prosocial behavior
Videos to watch and take notes from

·         Pro social behavior Will you watch this social contract  

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Medical ethics has become more important in the world with the increasing focus on human rights. However, what does medical ethics mean and what does it entail? Do your research and discusswhat medical ethics is and what the advantages are.
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Case Study
·         Despite big offers, little has changed for baby Charlie Gard
·         Charlie Gard's parents say his life support will be withdrawn on Friday
Familiarize yourself with the issue
·         Resident Ethics Series: Issues and Scenarios for Discussion and Guidance  Scroll down, watch the ten little videos and think about the issues
Reading material to make notes on
·         The Hippocratic oath and professional ethics 
·         Medical ethics 
·         Legally speaking: the trouble with bending the rules  
·         How Medical Ethics Were Compromised During the Nazi Regime  
Video to watch and take notes from
·         A Conversation About Challenging Cases in Clinical Ethics
·         Why and How to Teach Medical Ethics

Sunday, July 2, 2017


“From the first moment you walk into room, people are making judgements about how much they like you. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your chances”
By: Tiffanie Wen
Level of difficulty: *
·         Let’s face it: charisma matters
·         Can charisma be taught?
·         The secret of Bill Clinton’s charisma

1.       We can assume from reading the first two paragraphs that charmers are made not born / charmers can be born and made.
2.       We understand from the following two paragraphs that we make snap judgements/ overgeneralizations / impulsive desicions / accurate assessments about people very quickly based on their looks. Mark the odd one out
3.       Read the examples concerning politicians and those wishing to borrow money. What conclusion can be drawn from these examples?
4.       Read the section titled “Put on a happy Face”. Now determine if the following statements are True or False based on the section as a whole:
·         Putting on a happy face can create a positive first impression and alter an initial negative impression.
·         Only extraverted people are regarded as trustworthy
·         An initial negative impression can be amended later on
·         People can be made to  look more trustworthy
5.       Read the section titled “Channell your charm” to the end. Now answer the following questions based on the whole section:
·         An initial negative impression can be corrected by means of...
·         What sort of a taxi driver, for instance, is likely to get more fares? One who... (There are three answers; find them all)
·         What is the reason for the i,ncreasing importance of social skills in the modern world? The collapse of...
·         What trend in the modern workplace necessitates likeability?
·         What makes people like Carson special is the fact that they are....who...
6.       Read the section titled “Raising Eyebrows to the end. Now answer the questions:
·         We understand that facial expression is important when trying to make a good impression because charming people.....
·         You cannot make yourself likeable by talking about yourself to the person you have just met because…
·         Simple eye contact is enough/ not enough when seeking to make a good impression because….
·         What is the significance of the writer’s comment to the student in the lift?
·         In both the case of direct flattery and the networking situation the purpose is to pay a compliment / cheer the person up / endear oneself / make the person happy.
·         Now look back at the title for this section. Is it appropriate? Why or why not?
7.       Read the section titled “Find Common Ground” to the end. Now answer the questions:
·         Imagine you are discussing the topic of euthanasia with a person who you want to get on side. He is for it but you are not. You are shocked by his views. Would you: interrupt him and voice your counter arguments / change the topic to avoid an argument / listen carefully until he is finished even if you disagree? Why?
·         It is implied in the last paragraph of the section that experts in various fields should be able to speak well / should be comfortable in society / should broaden their horizons /  should be tolerant of differences.
8.       Read the section titled watch their body to the end. Now answer the questions:
·         If you are sitting at a table, leaning forwards with both arms on the table and the person sitting opposite you does the same, it means …
·         You are  a very lonely person with a lot of personal problems. You meet someone wonderful at a cafĂ©. Your instinct is to pour your heart out / be remain very guarded / be very careful about what you say but this wrong because…
·         It would be much better to tell him a little and then save the rest for later because …
·         A good car salesman needs to be able to get a buyer to answer as many personal questions as possible to be able to…
·         You meet the same person at the bus stop every morning and you take the same bus to work. How likely are you to start talking to him one day? Why?
Use the information you have acquired to write about how one can become more charming
There are some extremely charming people in the world who everyone envies. However, according to this text, people can actually learn to be more charming in life. The text should lead to some interesting discussion and a straightforward writing task.
1.       Charmers can be born and made
2.       Accurate assessments
3.       Making a snap judgment on something so superficial is rash
4.       F, F, T, T
5.       Charm, is likeable OR has social skills OR interpersonal skills, old hierarchical structures, Working in teams, introverts who trained themselves to be extroverts
6.        Move their eyebrows up and down quickly, tilt their heads slightly and  smile; you won’t be making them feel good about themselves ; you should focus on the different colors in the irises; It was an empathetic comment that reflected what the student was feeling; Endear oneself; It is not, it doesn’t express the main idea of the section.
7.       The last, because although it might seem like you totally disagree on closer examination you might agree on a few things; should broaden their horizons

8.       You have rapport; pour your heart out, it can put him off; curiosity hooks; advance the relationship; Very likely because of proximity and the duration of the journey