Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have taken the world by storm overturning everything we ever believed about socialization. Now, if you don’t at least have a Facebook account, you are deemed not quite human. So to what do these sights owe their undeniable popularity? Are we, as a species, just becoming lazy or too attached to our laptops, or are there other underlying reasons?
The Task: Discuss the reasons why social networking sites are so popular. Use the points below and any others you wish. Remember to support whatever points you make and think about organization before you start. Would it be better to deal with the points in a particular order to provide transition, or would grouping them and having a two paragraph development be better?
1.       Time constraints: long work hours
2.       The desire to keep up with the Jones’: Facebook is the done thing
3.       Easy access: everyone works with computers, friends a click away
4.       Globalization: Families, friends all over the globe
5.       An easy way to keep in touch with acquaintances
6.         Help in organizing likeminded individuals; spearheading rebellions and uprisings
7.        All government agencies, public figures, broadcasting companies, businessleaders and the like have Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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