Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The following points have been compiled from an article written by Thomas Frey and posted on his website: Rethinking Education. It is suggested that you access the text, have the students dig out the points and write an essay – after a give and take of opinions naturally.
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THESIS: In today’s rapidly evolving world, formal education should not be compulsory.

1. Information from formal education is considered important.

2. Formal education comes from trusted sources.

3. College classes are packaged in a comprehensible form.
1. Early school training is necessary for basic language and math skills but later education is more about learning desirable skills.

2. There are many other trusted sources of information backed by very bright people.

3. Many non-school organizations also present information in similar formats.



-costly, labor-intensive, teacher/location/situation-dependent


Not costs much, even free, not labor-intensive, teacher/location/situation-dependent

The above writing task was prepared by Oya Özağaç.


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