Tuesday, May 21, 2013


(Causal chain)
Did you know that the equivalent of one city is being added to the population every year? Did you know that 80 million people are added each year to the current population of 6.7 billion? Did you know that about 200 million people have no access to family planning that we know of? Did you know that there are roughly 23 million documented unplanned births a year? Have you ever thought about what a rapidly growing population coupled with stagnant resources and an economy which is in recession means for a country?
One of the results of this worrying trend is the ever growing threat of urban violence in both the developing and the developed world. Use the notes below to build up an essay analyzing the underlying causes of urban violence. The notes below were compiled while watching a documentary on the topic.
1.     Large rural families (children seen as guarantees, religious pressure)
2.     Lack of birth control
3.     Some migrate
4.     Shanty towns / Slums
5.     Lack of access to education
6.     Lack of skills
7.     Idle youth / Vagrants
8.     Petty crime
9.     Violent crime
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