Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The whistle blowing website WikiLeaks has been posting classified US documents for a while now causing uproar in some quarters. Others, like The Guardian who is publishing the revelations, have applauded the move stating that Julian Assange and his team are “practicing journalism as it should be done”. Such whistle blowing websites aren’t going away anytime soon; in fact, a new one, Open Leaks, was launched last Monday. Due to the opportunities modern technology provides, they are pretty much unstoppable which leaves us with the following question: are they doing a public service or are they doing more harm than good?
Write an essay in which you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such whistle blowing websites. Use the points below and any others you wish. Remember to include your thesis statement in the introduction, and topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph of the development.
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1.       Access to first hand information about what is going on behind the scenes
2.       Exposure of unacceptable government practices ( torture, rendition, corruption, hypocrisy and the like)
1.       Threat to national security
2.       Threat to world security
3.       Harm to international relations

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