Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Write a four paragraph essay classifying types of advertisements. Follow the plan below and remember to provide support in the form of examples and explanations.
Introduction: Introduce advertising as a sector and explain its importance. Explain briefly why it has grown so much and gained such importance. Add that the general purpose of advertising is to help maximize profits and market shares. End your introduction with the following thesis statement: Advertisements can be classified in various ways.
First developmental paragraph: According to purpose
-          Introduce a new product or service
-          Create brand identity or image
-          Increase sales of the product or service
-          Informing the public of a change or improvement concerning the product
Second developmental paragraph: According to style
-          Printed (newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, fliers)
-          Outdoor (billboards, kiosks)
-          Broadcasted (on TV, radio, the internet)
-          Product placement ( in movies, TV programs)
Conclusion: Discuss the future of advertising; how it might grow and diversify, become more innovative.
This topic and the accompanying plan has been contributed by Özge; I hope it will be the first of many

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