Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The life ambition of many people in developing or third world countries is to migrate to a welfare state where they can have the kind of life they have always dreamed of. This desire to up sticks and move has reached such epic proportions that many of these welfare states – developed countries – are beginning to wonder whether this should be allowed to continue.  This task was inspired by a text of the same name off the BBC website which could be read before or after the activity.

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Arguments in favor of barring people from developed countries
1.     Undesirable people – radicals, fanatics, political dissidents and extremists – may enter the country.
2.     Limited resources in the host country.
3.     A government is responsible, primarily, for its own citizens.
4.     Migrants don’t try to adapt.
5.     Second generation migrants have identity problems.
Arguments against barring people from developed countries
1.     The aging population in Europe
2.     We are all citizens of the world
3.     Vast differences in standards of living between different areas of the world.
4.     People have the right to benefit from the higher wages in developed countries.
5.     Stagnation will set in if different cultures aren’t allowed to rub shoulders.

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