Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Write an essay or paragraph describing Turkish hooligans. Use the data below. Before starting, examine the data provided and formulate a thesis statement or topic sentence depending on what you are writing. Remember to have a concluding statement

Average Age: Mostly 30 – 39; the rest – 10 – 19

Level of education: Secondary school

Occupation: Worker, apprentice, unemployed or student

Source of entertainment: Football

Alcohol abuse: 11% everyday, 60% every other day, 12% when going to matches

Tickets: 73% don’t purchase tickets, 40% provided with tickets by clubs, 58% provided with expenses when matches are away

Transportation: 63% like to travel free of charge

Feelings about teams: 92% can’t stand abuse against their team, 80% think fans of the opposing team are unimportant.

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