Thursday, May 23, 2013


In the modern world, where modern technology is making ever more devious and complex crimes and acts of terror possible, governments and security forces are trying to do everything in their power to preempt strikes of all kinds. Security agencies in USA are being blamed for allowing the Boston bombers to slip through the net; UK security forces will probably also be blamed for being unable to prevent the attack of two men with meat cleavers and knives on a soldier in the street in broad daylight. No one with a modicum of feeling and common sense would object to the need for intelligence to be able to prevent such horrific attacks but is the price we pay too high? Discuss the extent to which you support current methods of surveillance. Below you will find links to reading you can annotate. After you have completed your reading, write an argumentative essay. You can support the thesis, refute it or take a middle ground.
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Reading Material: all the texts below are, with one exception, out of The Economist and cover various aspects of the issue
 The Surveillance Society;
 Reports: Move over Big Brother;
Technology and Society: Here Comes Anyware;
Surveillance and Morality: The Rambles and the Panopticon
Are Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places a good idea?

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