Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Write a four paragraph essay classifying films; use the plan and thesis statement provided.
Introduction: Introduce the film industry and watching films as a form of entertainment of growing popularity. Mention the developments that have taken place in film making and the giddy heights that have currently been reached (briefly). State that there are many different sorts of films and that they can be classified in two different ways.
First developmental paragraph: According to purpose
-          Entertainment
-          Education
-          Ideological ( Propaganda, Films with messages)
Remember to provide explanations and examples for each category; this will constitute support.
Second developmental paragraph: According to genre
-          Comedies
-          Dramas
-          Thrillers
-          Horror
-          Sci-Fi
-          Action
-          Animation
Remember to provide explanations and examples; this will constitute support.
Conclusion: It is possible, here, to discuss what the future holds for the film industry and whether it will maintain its popularity.

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