Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Every year millions of agricultural laborers leave their villages and set off on a long and uncomfortable journey for places like the Black Sea region to harvest nuts, to Çukurova to pick cotton and to the Aegean region to harvest grapes. This has been continuing for many years and isn’t likely to end in the foreseeable future. However, does this system have as many advantages as is supposed? Write a four paragraph essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages.
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The advantages of having seasonal agricultural laborers
1.     They provide a genuine service in the areas they go to work in.
2.     They are able to make a living – something they can’t do in their hometowns.
3.     The economy in the area receiving agricultural laborers comes to life.

The disadvantages of having seasonal agricultural laborers
1.       Congestion on the motorways
2.       Interruptions to children’s schooling
3.       A strain on the infrastructure, facilities and amenities of the area receiving seasonal agricultural laborers.
4.       Inhuman working conditions.
5.       Friction between agricultural laborers and locals due, often, to ethnic or legal reasons.

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