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Private hospitals are mushrooming all over the city vying for the attention and money of well to do patients especially if they have some potentially fatal disease. Perfectly good drugs disappear off the market for no apparent reason. Is the health sector becoming commercialized? Or are private hospitals picking up the slack and providing the quality health care the public needs? Are pharmaceuticals simply pushing new and more effective medicine? Write an argumentative essay for or against the following statement: The health sector is becoming commercialized. Use the points below and any others you wish. It is a good idea to ask students to read up on the topic before they write it so that they are able to provide concrete examples and adequate support. It might also be a good idea if they familiarized themselves with the concept of palliative care and the institution of hospices.
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1.       Reputable drugs withdrawn if profits are inadequate
2.       Private hospitals push unnecessary tests for commercial reasons
3.       Treatment of the three big killers is big business; people’s fear, desire to live exploited
4.       Life saving drugs sold at exorbitant prices
1.       New and more effective medicine is discovered and introduced
2.       Private hospitals have the means to conduct tests the state hospitals can’t afford
3.       The three big killers are naturally the focus of research and medicine.
4.       The discovery of new drugs( drug trials, research) expensive
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