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It has been announced recently that a third airport will be built in Istanbul ostensibly to meet soaring demands. Environmentalists are up in arms over the issue but whose views should prevail; the environmentalists’ or the business community’s? Read and annotate the texts below and expand the points provided to write an argumentative essay
Thanks are due to Oya Özağaç for the research she kindly did
Arguments in favor of the third airport
1.       Another airport necessary to meet soaring demand
·         Available airports unable to handle traffic
·         Traffic predicted to increase
·         THY boosting its flights and more tourists visiting the city
2.       Istanbul grabbing a major share of inter-continental transfer traffic
·         Istanbul good connecting point
·         A more favorable place than the Gulf due to proximity
·         Turkish economy buoyant
Arguments against the third airport
1.       Area houses last remaining environmental sites sustaining the city
2.       Risks for urban planning
·         Airport will bring urban expansion
3.       Massive environmental damage
·         Ecological diversity destroyed
·         Habitats destroyed
·         The natural ecosystem irreversibly damaged
·         Water resources affected
·         657.000 trees to be cut; 1.855.391 trees to be moved if possible
4.       Serious transport investments needed
·         Land commute hard
·         Airports should be built on the periphery of the city
·         Sustainable living long term not possible with this plan
·         OR: airport relocated and built with minimum damage
·         OR: existing difficulties ameliorated by means of proper investment in already existing airports
The reading material and the links
1.       Istanbul’s third airport location announced, experts critical; by: Nilay Vardar;
2.       Former THY chair says Istanbul doesn’t need third airport; by: Can Erimtan;
3.       657.000 trees to be cut for Istanbul’s third airport; Hürriyet Daily News;

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