Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In the last thirty or forty years, thanks to globalization, local humanitarian crises, civil wars, natural disasters, oppressive regimes and the like have become global problems with organizations like the UN or NATO pitching in to help. The “intervention” often involves the deployment of troops or at least air raids like in the cases of Iraq, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia (the war in Bosnia), Liberia, Libya, Sudan (Darfur) and many others.  Yet do these interventions do more harm than good? Write a four paragraph essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of military interventions in crisis zones. Use the points below and any others you wish. Remember: you are not arguing for or against military interventions as this is now a well-established pattern; you are merely acknowledging the advantages and disadvantages.
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1.     Providing humanitarian help
2.     Protecting innocent civilians
3.     Increasing awareness of human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights.
4.     Helping to topple unjust regimes
5.     Helping to establish the rule of law and democracy
6.     Bringing people guilty of war crimes to justice
1.     Destabilizing the region or country
2.     Expense
3.     Impacting the global economy, currency rates, stock markets, balance of trade and the like
4.     Establishing a tradition of interventionism
5.     Excessive interventionism in the past causes delays when intervention is actually necessary


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