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Write a four paragraph essay classifying books. Follow the plan provided and use the thesis statement and topic sentences in the plan.
Start as follows and end with the thesis statement provided: As human primates, human beings have a well developed language center which means that….
Thesis Statement: Books may be classified in numerous ways.
First developmental paragraph:
Topic sentence: Books may be classified according to how they are presented to the public.
A.      Printed books
1.       Paperbacks
2.       Hardcover book
B.      Non printed books
1.       Audio books
2.       E-Books
  Second developmental paragraph:
Topic sentence: Books may be classified according to content.
A.      Fiction
1.       Books of literary worth: novels, short stories and poetry.
2.       Best Sellers
B.      Non fiction
In your conclusion, you can make a restatement or talk of the future of books
Important note:
When writing your essay, remember to provide information about who reads various publications, when they read them and where they read them. For example, lots of people pick up best sellers at airports, before long train journeys or when heading for a seaside vacation.  Why do they do this?The hearing impaired go for audio books – a growing market now – and young people are more into e-books. There are even websites from which you can download whole books like “pagebypagebooks. com” or “”.  Some writers, like Stephan King, have taken the decision to only publish e-books. Why is that do you think? Can you think of any books you’ve read online? As for nonfiction, researchers, students, academics and the better educated go for them. Remember to provide examples and interpretations: have the newer ways of presenting books to the public increased the number of readers for instance. All this information will add color to your essay and prevent it from looking like a list – a very real danger.

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