Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Magna Carter, or the Great Charter which was agreed in 1215  is the basis of British, US and Canadian democracy today. The significance of this momentous document has never been so great as it is today. Do your reseach and find out why. When you are done, write an essay discussing the Magna Carter and its significance.
Note to the student: it is essential for maximum benefit that you spread your research out over three days.
Historical Background:
·         “The kings and queens of England- Episode 1: Normans to Magna Carter”  You will benefit from this video more if you have covered “Tell the story of the Battle of Hastings”
Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         “Magna Carter”  
·         “Magna Carter” Make sure to watch the video
Reading material to annotate:
·         “Magna Carta” Make sure to scroll down to find the link to the 63 clauses of the Magna Carter.
·         “What is the Magna Carter?” 
·         “Magna Carter: the great charter”
·          “Why the Magna Carter is seen as the key document in the founding of the US?”
·         “The meaning of Magna Carter since 1215” This text may interest those who seek more detailed knowledge.
Videos to watch and make notes on

·         “The relevance of the Magna Carter to the 21st century” The first 10 minutes is introduction and not relevant so you may want to skip it.

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