Saturday, July 5, 2014


The issue of white supremacy is not a specifically American problem as many would like to think. This world view that was born in the US has spawned white nationalism, Neo-Nazism, anti Semitism, xenophobia and many other forms of racism. How did this dangerous, oftentimes violent and highly divisive, movement all start? What are its modern repercussions and how can it be curbed? It is the anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s signing of the civil rights act ending segregation in the south despite fierce opposition yet there are still 600 or so white supremacist groups in the US protected by the freedom of speech act. The Ku-Klux Klan is still going strong and the toxic message they and similar groups espouse is spreading as witnessed in the changing atmosphere and radicalization in Europe as well. You will need to do some research to be able to properly discuss the problem. Focus on the following issues in your essay:
  • The beliefs of white supremacists
  • How it all started
  • Modern off-shoots
  • Solutions

Power point presentations
Familiarize yourself with the topic
·         “What are the beliefs of the white supremacists?
·         “What is white supremacy?” 

Reading material: definition
·         “White supremacy”
Reading material: how it all started:
·         “White Supremacy”
·         “White supremacy”
·         “The culture of white supremacy”
Reading material: solutions
·         “White supremacy: what you can do”
Videos to watch and make notes on
·         “Dave and Mike confront their Past”
Video plus text: a specific, recent example

·         “From a house of hate, an outburst of violence”

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