Thursday, July 17, 2014


The battle of Hastings has a very important place in British history as it had such an enormous effect on the country. What is the significance of this battle? Do your research and find out.
The purpose of the task:
·         To provide practice with past tenses and narrative structures
·         To provide the opportunity to improve command of the language and competency
·         To provide an introduction to research based writing and all the skills it requires: note taking, annotating, paraphrasing and summarizing
·         To provide brief insight into an important historical event
Note to the student: do your research in the order in which the links are provided
Power point presentation
·         “Battle of Hastings”
Timeline of the Battle of Hastings
Power point presentation:
·         “How did the Battle of Hastings begin and how was it fought?”  
Reading material to annotate
·         “Battle of Hastings”
·         “The Battle of Hastings”
Power point presentation
“Why did William of Normandy win the battle?”

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