Sunday, July 20, 2014


History is almost entirely made up of wars but have you ever heard of the opium wars? If you think they were fought recently in Afghanistan or in Central America with the drug cartels, you are barking up the wrong tree. Do your research and find out when these wars were fought and why. The reason for the wars may seem obvious but there is another plot twist there, so read and find out. When you are done, write a short essay.
The purposes of the activity:
·         To provide practice with past tenses and narrative structures
·         To provide the opportunity to improve command of the language and competency in writing
·         To provide an introduction to research based writing and all the skills it requires: note taking annotating, paraphrasing and summarizing.
·         To provide brief insight into an important historical event
Reading material to annotate: less challenging material
·         “The opium wars: when Britain made war on China”
·         “The first opium war”
Video to watch and make notes on:

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