Thursday, July 3, 2014


Binge drinking is currently seen as one of the most serious problems on college campuses almost all over the world and also at our university. Why do students indulge in such a dangerous activity? What are the long term and short term effects and how can the problem be addressed? Do your research and write about the causes and effects of binge drinking. In your conclusion, suggest some solutions.

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This essay task was prepared for the student body of Boğaziçi University at the suggestion of the student counselling service in response to concerns relating to the student body. The task has been carefully checked and approved for posting by the said counselling service.
Familiarize yourself with the topic:
·         Statistics: “Binge drinking on college campuses fact sheet”
·         “Why is binge drinking bad for you?”
·          “Know the effects of alcohol”
Reading material to annotate
·         “The real facts, causes and effects of binge drinking”
·         “Binge drinking among college students”
·         “Binge drinking effects brain, memory”  You will find plenty more links at the bottom of the page; it is suggested that you check them out too.
Listening material to make notes on:
·         “Binge drinking facts”
·         “Binge drinking effects”
·         “How to stop binge drinking”  

Videos to watch and make notes on
·         “Binge drinking: the facts” 
·         “Dangers of college binge drinking”
·         “Student perspective: college students and alcohol use”
·         “Sociology: social problems: binge drinking among college students”
      * Alcohol’s effects on the brain”
Documentaries to watch:
·         “Teen binge drinking documentary – part 1”

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