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The terms STD or STI refer to sexually transmitted diseases which can wreck havoc with a person’s life if not treated. What are these diseases? What are the symptoms and what treatment is available? Do your research and find out then write your essay.
This essay task was prepared for the student body of Boğaziçi University at the suggestion of the student counselling service in response to concerns relating to the student body. The task has been carefully checked and approved for posting by the said counselling service.
Suggested plan:
  • In your introduction, discuss the importance of health and the reality of disease. Then discuss means of transmission: some bacteria are air born, others are not and some are sexually transmitted. Then have your thesis statement.
  • In your first developmental paragraph, Write a classification of STD’s. You can classify such diseases as bacterial or viral. Discuss symptoms and effects; both short term and long term. Use your notes.
  • In your second developmental paragraph, discuss some popular myths.
  • In your third developmental paragraph, discuss prevention
  • In your conclusion, discuss the importance of all round good health and how the buck stops with the individual.
Familiarize yourself with the issue
Reading material to annotate
·         “The 6 most common STD’s in men”
·         “Effects of STD’s differ between men and women”
·         “How to tell if you have a sexually transmitted disease?” Make sure to check out the links as well.

·         “After you have been diagnosed with an STD” Make sure to check out the links as well.

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