Friday, August 1, 2014


Telepathy is defined in Mirriam Webster as “A way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signals”. This simple definition does not tell us much so do your research and find out more, then write an essay explaining what telepathy is, what it involves and whether it can be developed.
Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         “Telepathy”  
·         “What is telepathy. Learn to read minds explained” Make sure to click the link at the end of the video and take the online test.
Reading / Listening material to make notes on:
·         “Telepathy and telekinesis”
·         “Telepathy techniques”
·         “Is twin telepathy real?”
For a little bit of fun:
·         “Telepathy development”
·         “Telepathy exercises”
Reading material to annotate:
·         “Secrets of telepathy”
Videos to watch and make notes on:
·         “Telepathy, global consciousness and how we humans are connected”
The future of telepathy:

·         “The future of human telepathy final”

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