Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The belief in witches and witchcraft dates back to prehistoric times and was widespread all over the world from South and Central America to Europe, Africa and Asia. How have views concerning witches and witchcraft changed over the years and why? Do your research and write a narrative in which you explain. While doing so, explain, analyze and try to analyze causes and effects.
This reading into writing activity was designed in collaboration with Gökçen Çiftlik to whom we owe thanks.
Familiarize yourself with the issue:
·         “What was witchcraft in the middle ages?”
·         “Origins of witchcraft” 

Reading material to annotate:
·         “Witches and witchcraft in the Middle Ages”
·         “Witches, women and witchcraft”
Documentaries to watch and make notes on:
·     Witches-Incredible History Documentary 
Videos to make notes on:
“Witch burning in the Middle Ages”
Refer to my second blog, The Essay Archive, for sample essays:  

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