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The gulags, the infamous Stalinist prison camps in Siberia, still continue to exist today. What was their original purpose and is this true today? What were the conditions like back in Stalin’s time and has this changed in any way? To be able to answer this and similar questions you will need to do some research. When you are ready, write an essay in which you tell the story of the Gulags. You  can include information about the present towards the end of your development or in your conclusion.
This reading, listening and viewing into writing activity was prepared in collaboration with Füsun Savcı to whom we owe thanks.
The Gulag timeline:
·         “Gulag timeline”
The map of the Gulag:
·         “Gulag map”
Familiarize yourself with the topic: the Stalinist period
·         “Work in the Gulag”
·         “Women in the Gulag”
·         “Living in the Gulag”
·         “What were their crimes?”
Photo Galery:
·         “Gulag photos” Make sure to check out the other photos at the bottom of the page.
Virtual tour:
·         Take the virtual tour: You will need to install an app for this but it is worth it. The site will direct you; it is idiot proof.
Familiarize yourself with the topic: the current situation
·         “An intimate look at life in a harsh Russian Gulag”
Videos to watch and make notes on:
·         “Videos from the Gulag Museum” There are a series  of short two minute talks by a leading Gulag researcher and historian, Anne Applebaum, all of which you should watch and make notes on.

Reading material to annotate:
·         “Life in the Gulag’s”  This article covers the past and the present day.
·         “Gulag an introduction” by Anne Applebaum  This article covers the past.

·         “Vyatlag then and now” This article covers the past and the present.

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