Thursday, April 3, 2014


Urban sprawl is the most common modality of modern cities due to the ever increasing rate of migration from the countryside. Cities spread out in all directions but services suffer: there are many problems with facilities and amenities, economic problems, social problems and personal tragedies. Do your research to get more information about the topic and write a cause and effect essay. In your conclusion, you can suggest solutions; restatements are not the only possible conclusion.
Reading material to annotate
·         “Urban sprawl changes landscape” Make sure to check out the links provided in the text especially “Earthshot”
·         “What are the causes of urban sprawl?” On the left you will see links to every aspect of urban sprawl; study them as well.
·         “Urban sprawl: pro and con; in defense of urban sprawl”
·         How do development patterns impact our ecological systems and the livability of our local communities
NEW: If you prefer someone to read out loud to you go to:
·         “Urban sprawl and development” and click “listen in the upper left-hand corner   
·         “Urban sprawl: causes and effects”; click listen in the upper left-hand corner
Video to watch and make notes on

·         “A song of the city”
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