Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Scott Samuelson states in his article in The Atlantic that “Liberal arts and the humanities aren't just for the elite. In the last paragraph of this superb text, he says and I quote:
I once had a janitor compare his mystical experiences with those of the medieval Sufi al-Ghazali’s. I once had a student of redneck parents—his way of describing them—who read both parts of Don Quixote because I used the word “quixotic.” A mother who’d authorized for her crippled son a risky surgery that led to his death once asked me with tears in her eyes, “Is Kant right that the consequences of an action play no role in its moral worth?” A wayward veteran I once had in Basic Reasoning fell in love with formal logic and is now finishing law school at Berkeley.
He goes on to claim that “The fire will always be sparked. Are we going to fan it, or try to extinguish it? Do you agree or is this an unnecessary luxury in the current times? Read the whole article and decide then write a response or reaction essay. Access the text by clicking below:

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