Wednesday, April 2, 2014


With the ever increasing distractions in the modern world, it is becoming ever harder to remain focused. Problems with concentration are becoming endemic in the modern world and they are a big handicap so how is one to deal with the issue? Before you do your research, test yourself to find out if you have issues with concentration too. When you are done, do your research and write a problem solution essay.
Note to the student: this is a relatively easy research related reading into writing activity. It is suggested that you spread your research out over three days reading two texts and watching one video each day. Start with the tests:
Test yourself:
·         Attention span: do you stay focused or zone out?
·         Concentration and focus test:
Reading material to annotate:
·         “How can I improve my short attention span?”
·         “How to master your attention span and stay in focus”
·         “How to stay focused at work”
·         “How to improve your concentration”
·         “10 ways to improve your concentration”
·         “Improve your concentration”
Videos to make notes on
·         “How to boosts your attention span in 30 days”
·         “Basic attention discipline technique for concentration and focus”
“Think faster, focus better and remember more: rewiring your brain”

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