Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We are always told to avoid negative thinking and try to think positively but few of us realize the extent of the damage done by negative thinking and the extent of the benefits of positive thinking. The effects of positive thinking fall under various categories and there are numerous ways in which we can learn to get rid of our bad habit of thinking negatively. After this general introduction, discuss the effects and the solutions in the development then write a restatement as a conclusion.
This task is dedicated to all the negative thinkers I know
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Power Point:
·         “Positive thinking” 
Reading material to annotate
·         “The positive science of thinking: how positive thoughts build your skills, boost your work and improve your work”
·         “Positive thinking: stop negative self talk and reduce stress”  Make sure to click “next” at the bottom of the page to keep reading.
·         “Benefits of positive thinking”
Documentaries to watch
·         “You can heal your life”

·         “The Secret”  
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