Monday, March 31, 2014


Communication is not only verbal; it involves body language as well. In fact, we start communicating with people before we even open our mouths and often involuntarily. Our body language will give people clues as to what we really feel. Do your research and write a definition essay on body language. Make sure to spread your research out over several days for full effect.
This writing task was prepared by Kübra Tör to whom we owe thanks.
Videos to watch and make notes on
1.       “History Channel secrets of body language”  OR
2.       “What body language can say” OR
“Your body language shapes who you are” (This is the same video plus a text to read)
Documentary to watch and make notes on
1.       “Secrets of body language”
Presentation to watch and make notes on
1.       “Secrets of body language”
Reading material to annotate
1.       “ Body language; understanding non verbal communication”
2.“Non verbal communication”
4. “Body language is half of business communication”
5.      Body language, the language everybody speaks” 

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