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Suicide, a personal and a collective tragedy, is basically a decision to cease to live and end one’s life. Survival is the strongest of human instincts so what pushes victims to the brink? Many have and continue to think that the depressed and the mentally ill resort to suicide but such is far from being the case as Emil Durkheim has demonstrated and you will find out once you have completed your research.
Power Point Presentation: Suicide
1.       “Suicide Theories” 
Reading material to annotate:
1.       “Suicide Causes”
2.       “The study of suicide: an overview of the famous work by Emil Durkheim”.
3.       “Social Facts and Suicide”
4.       “Suicide” This is the Durkheim home page and is a challenging piece of writing:
5.       “Suicide – Causes: why people attempt suicide”
Additional material:
Video to watch and make notes on:

1.       “Durkheim on Suicide”
        Documentary to watch
“        Aftermath: the legacy of suicide”
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