Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Humanitarian military intervention has often been demanded in history with super powers being blamed for not intervening sooner. There have also been instances of intervention on the pretext of humanitarian aid. Do your research and decide where you stand and to what extent you support humanitarian intervention. Refer to my second blog, The Essay Archive, for sample essays: https://theessayarchive.blogspot.com.tr/  
Note to the student: there are some brilliant videos on the topic, one posted by The University of Chicago and another by Noam Chomsky but they were deemed too difficult for teaching purposes. You are welcome to check them out if you wish.
Reading material to annotate
1.       “History and debate of military intervention” http://www.debate.org/military-intervention/
Documentaries to watch and make notes on
Access the following link and select as many films as you like to watch. It is suggested that you focus on the following:
Ghosts of Rwanda
, The death of Yugoslavia, Crisis in the Congo: uncovering the truth, Yugoslavia, the avoidable war

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