Thursday, March 20, 2014


The deepening Euro zone crisis is raising concerns about the future of the euro and the union itself. In fact, there are whispers concerning some countries breaking away from the union and also concerning the possible implosion of this union, which would be the end of a long treasured dream. How did we reach this point and what do we do now? Do your research and write an essay.

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Video to make notes on:
1.       “European Debt Crisis Visualized” (Thanks are due to Gül Sarıovanlar for this wonderful link)
2.       “The Tragedy of the European Union; Disintegration or Revival?”
3.       “Euro in Crisis”  (Video to the right of the page and can be made full screen
4.       “The European Debt Crisis Explained” This link was contributed by Yavuz Selim Güney, to whom we owe thanks

Reading material to annotate
1.       “What is the European Debt Crisis” (This link was contributed by Yavuz Selim Güney to whom we owe thanks
2.       “Five main Reasons for the European Debt Crisis”
3.       “Europe’s Debt Crisis: A Beginner’s Guide

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