Thursday, March 6, 2014


   Podcasts are a service by means of which you can listen to documentaries, lectures, or some audio series related to your hobbies without downloading anything onto your devices.Here, I want to show you the advantages and disadvantages of listening to podcasts and how you can setup an app for listening to podcasts on your mobile device. 
·         Once you subscribe to the podcast feed, new podcasts are automatically synchronized to your phone.
·         It is one of the best ways to be familiar with English.
·         There are various categories of podcasts
·         The need for an internet connection*
*It is not a big disadvantage. You can handle this by using the download option for the episode you desire.

For Android phones:
1)      Go to Google Play Store on your smartphone.
2)      Search for Podcast Addict and download it.
3)      When you have installed it, click “add button(+)” on the top of the main menu and click “Top podcasts by category”.
4)      In this category, you will see podcasts by category and these are the best listening podcasts in this app. You should try some of them. A word of advice; make sure the language on your phone is English. If it isn't click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to switch to English (aA)

A. Köksal

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