Saturday, March 15, 2014


Especially in the modern world, where everything needs to be done yesterday and competition is fierce, people push themselves ever harder to succeed. The pressure is intense, be it at school, or in the workplace and the result is often burnout when the mind just throws in the towel. Do your research and discover the causes and solutions. You can also take the tests to see if you are suffering burnout.
Note to the student: this is an easier research based writing activity
Reading material to annotate
1.       “Preventing burnout: signs, symptoms, causes and coping strategies”
2.       “10 signs you are burning out and what to do about it”
3.       “Why women are burning out at work before thirty”
4.       “Dealing with burnout which doesn’t always stem from overwork”
Tests to do
Videos to watch
1.       “How to recover from burnout”
“Burnout and adrenal stress

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