Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips.
A grim vision of the future
  • By:Richard Norton-Taylor
  • Published:The Guardian, Monday April 9 2007;
  • guardian.co.uk
1.       What might be used to carry out ethnic cleansing in the future?
neutron weapons
2.      Developments in information communication technology will make the following possible:
a)      implantable information chips
b)      flashmobs (the mobilization of……)
3.      Why might people turn to religion and doctrinaire political ideologies in the future?
because there will be an increased trend towards moral relativism and pragmatic values
4.      What are the three consequences of the rapid urbanization predicted to take place?
a)      social deprivation
b)      new instability risks
c)      the growth of shanty towns
5.      Whereas inter communal conflict is expected to increase in the future, interstate conflict is expected to end thanks to globalization.
6.      Various demographic trends are described in the text. What will their consequences be?
a)      Economic and social tensions will be exacerbated.
b)      There will be serious implications for the environment.
c)      There will be serious implications for international relations
7.      Why is tension between China and the Islamic world expected to increase in the future?
because of China’s new found economic vibrancy and institutionalized atheism
8.      Iran could transform into a vibrant democracy in the future because
because Iran’s high proportion of younger people will want to benefit from increased access to globalisation and diversity
9.      What groups are expected to be the main perpetrators of violence in the future?
extreme environmentalists / ultra nationalists/ religious groupings
10.  What could the ultimate result of a reduction in the level of Atlantic salinity be?
A drop in temperature that might exceed …

After discussing the predictions made in the text with your friends and teacher, select a couple and write about why you agree or disagree with them. Remember to support your opinions so that there is no room for doubt. If this text has led you to think of predictions of your own, write about them instead. Enjoy yourself!

This futuristic text will provide the opportunity to have lots of discussion as well as practice reading. Remember that stopping to talk and engaging the students will help them concentrate, motivate them and help them to think as they read. Such feelings will carry on into future reading tasks, which is our ultimate aim. Writing tasks that complement a reading activity are invaluable for the same reasons and as the ultimate test of comprehension.

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