Sunday, June 22, 2014


According to UNESCO, there are close to a thousand world heritage sights around the world; some are areas of natural beauty, others are historical monuments of great significance. In order to find out more about them, go to the website below:
Now make the map full screen and start exploring:  click road, relief, hybrid and satellite in the right hand corner after you click on a dot to see the sight; then click on the title for more information about the sight. Do your reading and enjoy your research. Which area is of greatest significance in terms of natural beauty? Which is the most impressive historical monument? When you have made your selection, take notes on the accompanying article and write your essay?
Structures you will need to use
·         The present tenses
·         The past tenses
·         Passive forms of the above
·         Prepositions of place
·         Adjective clauses and reduced relative clauses if you have covered them
·         Noun clauses with ‘What’ if you have covered them
Suggested plan
·         In your introduction, discuss world heritage sights in general then narrow down the discussion to your two choices. In your thesis statement, state that your two choices are of special significance and deserve special attention.
·         Write a two paragraph development and discuss your choices individually in each; use the notes you made during your research

·         In your conclusion, write about how important it is to raise awareness so as to be able to preserve such areas for posterity

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