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We owe this superb essay task to Füsun Savcı who contributed the interactive map
Freedom of speech is considered one of the basic tenets of democracies yet violations of this right are rife both in the western democracies and in other parts of the world. Which of the violations that have taken place are the worst in your view? In order to decide, you will need a better idea of what violations have taken place so access the link below:
How to view the map: you can drag the map so as to be able to move from left to right or vice versa; you can click on the dots to see what the violation is; you can click ‘more information’ to read and make notes; you can zoom in or out.
How to prepare: study the map carefully and gather as much information as you can about the various violations and select what you feel are the three worst ones. Read and make notes.
Suggested plan: You are ready to write your essay. The essay will be both a comparison and contrast essay and an argumentative essay and here is why:
In your introduction, discuss democracy, the basic tenets of democracy and the importance of freedom of speech. Indicate that violations are taking place all the time all around the world but that there are three instances which are far more serious than the others: state your three choices.
In your development, prove that your three choices are the worst through comparison and contrast. It is assumed that your choices have common points that link them together; this will make writing the paragraph easier.
In your conclusion, discuss what can be done to preserve freedom of speech and expression and as a result, democracy.
The structures you will need to use
·         The present and the past tenses
·         Passive forms of the above
·         Narrative structures
·         Comparison and contrast and superlative structures
·         Adjective clauses and reduced adjective clauses
·         ‘What’ clauses (noun clauses)
·         Cause and effect structures
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