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The Mayan civilization flourished in what is known as the Yucatan peninsula before its sudden and dramatic downfall. What were the basic features of the Maya? What led them to glory and what caused their sudden and dramatic collapse? Do your research and see if you can shed light on this mystery which has puzzled anthropologists for years. The essay you will end up writing will have descriptive elements as well as narrative structures.
The structures you will need to use:
  • The past tenses
  • Passive forms of the above
  • Narrative Structures
  • Prepositions of place and direction
  • Past forms of modals if you have covered them; alternatively, use words like perhaps, maybe and probably
The plan:
In your introduction, write generally about the many wonderful civilizations that flourished in Mesoamerica like the Inca, The Aztecs and lastly the Maya. Thesis statement: the Maya built a wonderful and highly advanced civilization but mysteriously and rather suddenly disappeared.
In your development, first discuss Maya civilization then deal with the reasons why it collapsed.
In your conclusion, discuss what lessons we can learn from the rise and fall of the Maya
Note to the student: it is suggested that you spread your research over three days for maximum benefit. Read, watch and make notes in order to master vocabulary, learn structures and organization and hone your reading, listening and note taking skills.
Getting to know the Maya
Reading material to annotate
·         “The Maya: Glory and Ruin”
·         “Maya facts and summary” (This site includes some wonderful videos which you should not miss)
·         “Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire”
Documentaries to watch and make notes on
·         “Dawn of the Maya”
·         “Mystery of the Maya”
“Who killed the Maya?”

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