Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearences that have taken place there have confounded scientists for years. What is the story of the place and what is the possible explanation? Do your research and find out. Do your reading and make notes, watch the videos and continue making notes; lastly watch the documentary and make some more notes. Then use all you have learnt and your own impressions to write the story.
The plan
  • The Introduction: where you introduce mysteries in general like the Bermuda triangle and then narrow down the topic to the Mary Celeste. Remember to have a thesis statement stating clearly that the story itself and a possible explanation will be discussed.
  • The Development: where you have two paragraphs; one including what actually happens  and the second involving possible explanations.
  • The Conclusion: where you write a restatement

The structures you will need to use
  • Past Tenses
  • The present perfect
  • Passive forms of the above and that of the present simple
  • Narrative structures
  • Prepositions of place and direction
  • Modals as alternatives to “maybe, perhaps and probably” if you have studied them.

Reading material to annotate
·         “Bermuda Triangle mystery: facts and myths” http://www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda2_00004e.htm
·         “The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle” http://www.unmuseum.org/triangle.htm  (make sure to watch the videos as well)
Videos to watch and make notes on
·         “Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Triangle mystery”
·         “Bermuda Triangle: rogue waves” http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/videos/rogue-waves/  
BBC Documentary watch and make notes on

·         “Bermuda Triangle: secrets revealed” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GICglVEAIlI (This is a 44 minute documentary and the presentation is superb. The quality of English, the intonation and the accent are all wonderful. Plus, it is relatively simple)
     Discovery Science Documentary to watch
·         Bermuda Triangle: Secrets and mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle  

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