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The Samurai, the famous worriers of medieval Japan, have been the subject of many films and novels but who exactly were they? How and why did they rise to prominence? What role did they play in Japanese society? What was their philosophy of life? In order to be able to write about these and other similar questions, you will need to do some research and make some notes. It is suggested that you spread your research out over 3 days.
Research schedule
On day 1: listen to the first buzzle article and read the first text. Make notes on both. In the evening, watch the documentary.
On day 2: listen to the second buzzle article and read two more texts. Make notes on both
On day 3: listen to the last buzzle article and read the last text. Make notes on both. Then collect all your notes and write your essay at once without waiting. Working in this way will mean that you learn a lot of vocabulary and structures really thoroughly so be patient while doing your research.
Structures you will need to use.
  • The past tenses
  • The passive forms of the above
  • Used to; if you have covered it
  • Adjective clauses and their reduced forms if you have covered them
  • ‘What’ clauses if you have covered them
  • Prepositions of place and direction
Suggested plan
  • In your introduction, discuss the need for armies and soldiers in general. Then bring the discussion round to medieval Japan and the famous worrier class of the period, the Samurai
  • In your development, discuss the way of life and social role of the Samurai. Use your notes and based on them, decide how many paragraphs you need.
  • In your conclusion, make a restatement or explain that although the age of the Samurai has ended the need for soldiers and armies has not
Listen and follow:
Reading material to annotate
·         “Samurai”
·         “Ten fascinating facts about the Samurai”
·         “Brief history of the Samurai”
·         “ Samurai and Bushido” (This superb text also includes a number of videos you will enjoy watching)
·         “The age of the Samurai”
Documentary to watch and make notes on
·         “Samurai”

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