Monday, December 2, 2013


The number of children who have suffered loss of family members, been orphaned, suffered physical and psychological trauma the effects of which are probably impossible to get rid of. The world is now faced with a problem: how to help these innocent victims of a brutal civil war? Do your research, describe the problem and provide solutions.
Audio and video material to make notes on
  1. “Syria’s lost generation” Remember to click to listen to the stories of these children.
  2. “Syria’s lost generation”
  3. “Syria’s lost generation”
  4. “Inside Syria: the lost generation of Syria”
Reading material to read and annotate
  1. “Syria: UN child specialists warn of new lost generation amid crisis”
  2. “Inside a refugee camp with Syria’s lost generation”
  3. “Syria’s children: a lost generation”
  4. “Greening: Syrian children must not become a lost generation”
  5. “Syria’s children to become lost generation”
  6. “Syria’s children a lost generation”
  7. “Groups warn of lost generation of refugee children”
Suggested plan:
In your introduction, explain how the problem came about in general terms.
In your first developmental paragraph, discuss the problem with all its repercussions. Discuss the devastating effects and give examples.
In your second developmental paragraph, discuss both short term and long term measures.

In your conclusion, stress the urgency of the problem

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