Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Prejudice against a particular group of people, based often on atrocity myths or similar groundless views, has longed plagued human societies. Untold pain and suffering and pain have been inflicted on members of various ethnic and religious groups in many parts of the world. What are the roots of this toxic feeling and how can it be tackled? Now in December 2013, while commemorating the life and beliefs of the great civil rights activist and former president of South Africa, it is appropriate to research this topic and write a scholarly essay. There are many more sources than you usually get this time so a much longer essay will be required. The research should be spread out over three or four days at the end of which a 500 to 750 word essay could comfortably be written. The sources are all provided by academics who teach at respected universities. It is suggested that you introduce the problem, discuss it, present some of the causes and then the solutions. In your conclusion, have a restatement. This is one long writing activity so enjoy yourselves and get cracking!
Reading material to annotate
1.       “How to deal with prejudice”
2.       “Top ten strategies for reducing prejudice”
3.       “Warning: racism is bad for your health”
4.       “Juan Williams and the psychology of prejudice” (This is a very objective article so be patient and read it through; I was put off at first but revised my opinion)
5.       “The egalitarian brain”
6.       “Policing prejudice”
7.       “What does prejudice reveal about what it means to be human?”
8.       “Does empathy reduce prejudice or promote it?”
One film and two videos to watch and make notes on
1.       “Twelve angry men” (This is a complete movie all about prejudice)
2.       “11 Ways to reduce prejudice”

3.       “A class divided" (This is the complete experiment involving eye color and prejudice and is very interesting to watch)

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