Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mountain climbing is a sport which is very dangerous. It involves team work and requires ambition and physical fitness. In this sport, as the height of the mountain to be climbed increases so does the satisfaction derived. That is why Mount Everest is so popular with climbers. However, climbing Everest is very different from climbing any other mountain. It is one of the hardest climb and many climbers have died or were injured in the attempt. Nevertheless, the story of David Sharp differs from all the others.
David Sharp, an unlucky young man who tried to climb Everest, had been left behind by his own team for an unknown reason. This is not the weirdest and most tragic part of the story: another group of 40 climbers headed by Mark Inglis found him frozen but still alive and able to move his eyes. Because they were blinded by ambition and the desire for glory, none of them stayed with him to take care of him and continued their journey to the summit. No one knows what David Sharp’s last hours were like and how long it took him to die.
The question we need to ask ourselves is this: could they have done anything else? In my opinion a group of people could have turned back in order to save a human life and could have carried him down the mountain. They could have tried at least. However, according to the words of Mark Inglis’ team, he wasn’t healthy enough to withstand the journey.  We don’t know if this is true but if it is, there is something else that they could have done: one or two members at least could have forgotten about their ambition and could have stayed with him so that he could die in peace. I think making a person happy in his last hours is much more important than any success in life.
To sum up, this story is a controversial one; there may be some who would disagree but the decision to leave David Sharp alone is ethically wrong, in my opinion. If the weather conditions had been bad or if there had been some danger for the other climbers, it would have been excusable but this was not the case. In short, the behavior of Mark Inglis and his team was completely unjustified.
                                                                              BATIHAN TOSUN /INT; last week in November

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