Thursday, November 21, 2013


Whether children and young people are better off at single sex schools or coeducational schools is a matter of debate. Both systems have been tried but the modern trend is for coeducational schools. Do you agree or disagree? Do your research over a few days, make notes and write an argumentative essay. The material, links to which have been provided below, will present you with a balanced argument; it is up to you to decide.
Refer to my second blog, The Essay Archive, for sample essays:  
Reading material to annotate
1.       “Coeducation and same sex schooling”
2.       “Arguments for and against single sex schools”
3.       “The disadvantages of schools segregated by sex”
4.       “Pros and cons resulting from splitting up girls and boys in school”
5.       “Coed versus single- sex ed”
6.       “Single sex and coeducational schooling”
Videos to watch and make notes on:
1.       “Advantages and disadvantages of coed schools”
2.       “Single sex versus coed schools”
3.       “Single sex or coeducational schools for girls and boys”
4.       “Single sex education study”
5.       “Single sex schools versus coed schools”

6.       “Single sex versus coed schools”

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