Thursday, November 14, 2013


Most countries employ their armies in war zones, fighting for the homeland being the duty of the armed forces but some countries like the USA also employ private security organizations – private contractors. These organizations and their exploits have given rise to a lot of controversy like in the case of the infamous Blackwater Horizon, yet they seem to be the future of warfare. Do private security organizations have a role to play in war zones or do they do more harm than good? In order to be able to answer the question satisfactorily, you will need to discover what the remit of these organizations is and whether they have a vital role to play or not. You then need to discover what can go wrong. Once you are ready, write an advantages and disadvantages essay on the topic.
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Reading material to annotate:
  1. “The Privatization of War: Private Military Security Companies (PMSC)”
  2. “The Role of Private Military and Security Companies in Modern Warfare”
  3. “Private Military Companies and the Future of War”
Videos to watch and make notes on
Note to the student: I have made an effort to select videos that provide innocuous, objective and general information. You are, however, free to do your own research of specific companies or view the various documentaries available at your own discretion if you feel it is necessary.

  1. “Private Military Company”
  2. “Private Sector in Conflict Zones”
  3. “US Mercenaries Violate Human Rights in War Zones”

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