Thursday, November 28, 2013


Choosing a house is the hardest decision a family can make. When trying to decide whether or not to buy a house, it is a good idea to try and evaluate all the features of the house we are considering. There are thousands of different kinds of houses built for all sorts of different families. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who have two children and are moving to Smalltown because they have found jobs there, should buy The Haven.
Everyone wants to live in an old classic house. In such a house, the owner can smell the scent of history in every part of the house.  Unfortunately, most people have to own new houses as there aren’t enough old antique houses to go round in cities or towns. This family can easily afford to buy The Haven and save 30.000 pounds with which they can easily modernize the old places and build a garage in one of the big gardens for their two cars. Every house has a garden but only a few of them have such big ones. The Jones family will be able to do organic farming in the orchard if they buy The Haven. They have two children so they should have three bedrooms; hence, the first house is not convenient for them. They could possibly divide one of the bedrooms with a partition wall but it may not be feasible.  Every woman’s dream is having a large kitchen but in modern houses the kitchens are smaller. Because of this The Haven, the old house, will be better for Mrs. Jones.  What is even better is the fact that they can have a romantic time in front of the fireplace in The Haven. How would this be possible in a modern house?  The Haven is farther to the town center but they can drive, take the bus or walk to town. They could walk through the woodland which would be good exercise and very pleasant.
There is one more point: The Haven is freehold, and freehold houses are much better value than leasehold houses. What’s more, they could get a mortgage if they buy The Haven, which would give them plenty of money for renovations in the short term. We don’t make these kinds of decisions everyday so we should be very careful when we decide to buy a house where we will live for the rest of our lives.    
                                               ILGAZ ÇAKIN /INT. Third week of December                                                        

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