Monday, June 24, 2013


The retirement age which used to be arround 50 many years ago is now 62, 65 or 67 on average with many clamoring that this is too low too. 72 or 75 are being considered in some parts of the world as cut off points. Is the current retirement policy in keeping with the times or not? Do your research and decide whether the retirement age should be raised further or not.
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Reading texts to annotate
1.       Retirement age, raising of…”
2.       How raising the retirement age screws the working poor”
4.       “Pros and cons of raising the retirement age”
5.     Yes, raising the retirement age would be bad for the poor. No, that doesn’t mean it’s unfair.”
Videos to watch and make notes on
1. Pat Robertson: Raising the retirement age to 72 won’t hurt anybody because people really like to work
2. Truth about raising social security retirement age

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